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Welcome to Rock Imaging Special Interest Group

This special interest group was formed after the 2020 virtual international summit on rock imaging for petroleum and mineral resources: iRIS-2020. There was enthusiasm among participants to do more. While many were already lining up to be part of the iRIS-2021 summit, there was also encouragement to arrange webinars on subjects of interest to the community. Indeed, there were calls to invite speakers from outside the relatively familiar rock imaging domain to stimulate ideas for new thinking. Plans are already afoot for the first webinar.

You can find the Online Proceedings for iRIS-2020 here. All visitors can review the program and see the presentation abstracts, but only delegates registered for the appropriate day of the summit can see the presentation slides. You need to be signed in (see below) for this to be enabled.

While browsing this website is open to everyone, for security purposes we have had to add a password protected login screen before you can perform certain actions. This means that all early subscribers have to extend their subscription by setting up their security credentials. We hope members of the group understand this extra requirement. New members will automatically be asked to provide a password during the subscription process.

Beyond events, the group that formed around iRIS-2020 wanted a means to stay in touch and seek answers to technical questions, or clarification on imaging protocols. Some suggested having a wiki to provide a repository for shared learnings, standardised experimental procedures for various methods of imaging and even sample data sets and images. As a first step, we are working to provide a forum where subscribers can pose questions or share suggestions to the rest of the community and get replies from others who have answers or reactions to the proposed ideas. We hope that this initial step will offer immediate benefit to the group. Later, we will look into the requirements of starting a wiki or providing storage for sample images.

Another suggestion was that we launch a Rock Imaging publication, perhaps a quarterly journal. This is another area that we are actively investigating. While large societies and other membership groups are actually moving away from printed media because of the cost of printing and distribution, we believe that it may be possible by leveraging the flexibility of high-quality digital printing. There will certainly be new costs involved and for that reason we will reach out to potential sponsors once we have all the fact and figures to share.

We will also be seeking sponsorship for this website as it is vital that it is regularly updated with fresh content and that the forums are professionally moderated. Again, we are working on a sponsorship prospectus and will share that with the community as soon as it is ready.

In order for the community to be effective, it is important that as many potential members as possible are made aware of the existence of the special interest group and invited to join. There is no subscription fee. The addition of more members simply increases the liklihood of finding someone who can answer your question, and attracting interesting presentation topics for future meetings.

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